Thursday 8 November 2012

San Guo Grilled Fish

Hi all, today I will share with you San Guo Grilled Fish restaurant. Last month, I and my colleague visited this restaurant for our dinner.

Over there, we ordered Fragrant & Spicy Grilled Fish, Fried Dumpling, Long Bean, Baked Prawn with Salt and Pepper, Stone Pot Special Spare Ribs and Hot & Sour Soup.

For me personally, their food tastes are not that fantastic, not bad but not great either.

Plus minus with their service attitude quality, nothing impresses me to visit their restaurant for the second time.  Can you imagine, it took almost 1 hour gap to serve every main dish?

In case you want to try having lunch / dinner over there, you might want to refer to my review as for your reference.

WORTH dishes to try:
- Fragrant & Spicy Grilled Fish
This is the nicest dish among the dishes that we ordered. The fish is fresh, big and tasty.

- Stone Pot Special Spare Ribs
This dish is served using Tibet's natural volcanic rock carved stone pot. The taste is quite nice and the ribs are tender enough.

OK dishes to try:
- Fried Dumpling
This dumpling is tasty but a bit oily. Inside the dumpling have a soup like Xiao Long Bao.

- Long Bean
Just like a normal long bean dish that served in other Chinese restaurant.

NOT WORTH dishes to try:
- Baked Prawn with Salt and Pepper
This dish is super-duper salty.

- Hot & Sour Soup.
This Soup is very not nice. I believed it's because they put too much vinegar into it. It's like you drink vinegar instead of soup.

 Fragrant & Spicy Grilled Fish S$26.00

Fried Dumpling

Long Bean

Baked Prawn with Salt and Pepper S$16.00
Stone Pot Special Spare Ribs S$22.00

Hot and Sour Soup S$8.00
San Guo Grilled Fish Interior
Name: San Guo Grilled Fish
Address: 273 Geylang Road
Nearest MRT: Kallang MRT


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