Wednesday 28 November 2012

Restaurants @ Jurong Bird Park

Fell hungry after having so much fun at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore?

No need to worry!! Today, I want to share with you some nice foods to take over there.

Bongo Burgers

It’s located outside the Jurong Bird Park. You no need to walk too far to find this restaurant.

Bongo Burgers sells a lot different varieties of Western Food, such as: burgers, pasta and many more.

Over there, I tried Turkey Ham Pasta. That pasta is not bad and the portion is quite big.
Turkey Ham Pasta S$9.25


Nasi Briyani shop at Jurong Bird Park’s cafeteria

There is one cafeteria which is located inside Jurong Bird Park, Singapore.

Over there, I tried the Chicken Briyani. It tasted so good. And I believe you will love it.
Chicken Briyani



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