Saturday 24 November 2012

Cook for Family Day November 2012

Thanks to Daniel Ang for giving me the opportunity to join the Cook For Family Day for the second times.

For the first opportunity, I posted my mother home cooked.

Today, I proudly present my first creation dish. It calls Green "Messy" Pasta.

Why I call it Green "Messy" Pasta? It's just because the outlooks is too messy. Hope you all understand :p

Please enjoy the following pictures.

Green "Messy" Pasta



P.S: Unbelievable!! I am still able to finish this food :)


  1. Yup2, to my surprised, the pasta is very nice!!!! Thanks bro, for the sweet treat!! It's just too lovely!!

    PS: For all the single and available ladies out there, what else are you waiting for, he is still single u know?!?!? Hahaha, """escape""""

  2. Could you make it for me? I want to try it. It looks so yummy. Can't imagine you can cook. :-P

  3. hahaha. Sure. Hope you will not regret it :p


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