Thursday 27 August 2015

Creme Glacee

Today I will share with you about a cute ice cream that I find at Kelapa Gading Mall (Jakarta - Indonesia). The name of this ice cream stall is Creme Glacee.

This ice cream is cute because they make-over the ice cream to become look like puppy (From the appearance, I guess it's a puppy. Sorry if I misinterpret it :p)

Beside having cute design, they also claim that their ice cream is a handmade and healthy ice cream.

Creme Glacee has 11 different flavors for you to try:
- Choco Crunchy (Ice Cream Chocolate with some Crunchy)
- Strawberry Crunchy (Strawberry Ice Cream with some Crunchy)
- Matcha Creme (Vanilla Ice Cream with Green Tea Powder)
- Valley (Vanilla Ice Cream with Choco Barleys)
- Cappomond (Cappuccino Ice Cream with Almonds)
- Micho Creme (Tiramisu Ice Cream with Chocolates)
- Cookies and Creme (Vanilla Ice Cream with Cookies)
- Strawchip (Strawberry Ice Cream with Choco chip)
- Tutti Frutti (Vanila Ice Cream with Fruits)
- Chocolate Cheese (Chocolate Ice Cream with Cheese)
- Rum Raisin (Vanilla Ice Cream with Rum and Raisins)

I tried Cappomond. Even though they didn't have almond, they changed the almond with some cracker. It was very tasty. The Cappuccino taste was strong. Coffee lovers would like it so much.

FYI, currently they only have a temporary stall at Kelapa Gading Mall in the conjunction of Weekend Bazar Event. I hope in near future, they plan to open a permanent stall :)

Will I go there again? Yes.


Creme Glacee


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