Wednesday 26 November 2014

Jakarta Street Food Festival (14 - 30 November 2014)

From November 14-30, 2014, La Piazza has Jakarta Street Food Festival. This festival is a good place for you to enjoy your day by eating delicious foods after tired working. 

You may expect many delicious local foods and international foods in this festival. I found some foods that was also sold in Singapore like Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, Egglet, TaiyakiNasi Lemak, Prata and Ice Cream Wafer.

In that time, we only tried two dishes: Bubur Kuning with Chicken and Perkedel at Bubur Kuning Plus2 and Bakso at Bakso Radja.

Bubur Kuning (Yellow Porridge) is made from porridge mixed with turmeric. Turmeric produces yellow color. They add chicken, Cakwe (Youtiao) and Perkedel into this yellow porridge. It's delicious. The only comment with this porridge is having small portion.

Bubur Kuning Plus2

Bakso Radja that we ordered was contained of four pieces of bakso (beef ball), one piece of egg beef ball and one piece of tofu. It was yummy and the soup was also delicious.

Bakso Radja
The interesting part in this festival is that they are using fake paper money like Monopoly money. In order to get this fake paper money, you need to exchange with real money at money counter.
Fake Paper Money

Be sure to visit this festival if you have time before it's end.

Jakarta Street Food Festival
Event Details
Name: Jakarta Street Food Festival
Date: 14 - 30 November 2014
Location: La Piazza Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara Indonesia


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