Sunday 9 November 2014

Es Cincau

Hi all! Today I will introduce you one of Indonesian traditional beverage called Es Cincau

Es Cincau

Es Cincau
Last time, you can easily find this Es Cincau sellers along on the side of main big road. Some of them also pass by house complex area to sell Es Cincau.
Es Cincau Seller

Nowadays, it's quite difficult to find this seller. The reason is because not many people buying Es Cincau anymore and it's quite troublesome to make this cincau.

Es Cincau contains of Cincau (a.k.a. Green Grass Jelly), sweet brown sugar syrup, coconut milk and comes with ice.


Coconut Milk

Sweet Brown Sugar Syrup
Research said that Cincau is good for health. I prefer this Cincau (Green Grass Jelly) than Black Grass Jelly.

Es Cincau is considered as Indonesian street beverages. 


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