Monday 16 May 2016

Olah Burger Bar

Are you a burger lover? If yes, you should try to go to Olah Burger Bar. Located at Mall Kelapa Gading, Olah Burger Bar offers you a simple yet delicious burger.

Why do I called it a simple burger? It's because no special topping contains in this burger. It's just lettuce, tomato and either meat (beef / chicken) or egg. Also, after you see this burger picture, maybe some of you will think this burger does not look so appealing. But don't under estimate this burger before you try it :)

Olah Burger Bar offers 3 types of burger: Olah Single (either beef or chicken), Olah Double (either beef, chicken or mix) and Olah Egg (either single egg or double egg).

For the sauce, you can choose either mato mustard, hot spicy bbq or mayo pickle.

They also offer combo packet such as Burger + french fries, Burger + french fries + drink, Burger + french fries + shakes, Burger + drink and Burger + shakes.

I ordered Olah Beef Single with Mayo Pickle, French Fries and Shakes.

The beef is thick and tender. The burger tastes delicious.

Fries and Shakes are also not bad.

Will I go there again? Yes.

Olah Single Beef Burger with Mayo Pickle, Fries and Shakes IDR77.000
(IDR 37.000 for burger and IDR40.000 for Fresh Fries and Milk Shakes) 

Olah Single Beef Burger IDR37.000

Choco Milkshake

Olah Burger Bar
Name: Olah Burger Bar
Address: Gading Walk C 05 Mall Kelapa Gading Jakarta Utara Indonesia


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