Wednesday 16 September 2015

Mister Donut

Looking for a nice place to have your tea time? You may try Mister Donut. Btw, it's also good having these donuts at home together with your family members.

Mister Donut offers unique shape of donuts that look different with regular donuts.

They claimed that Mister Donut is the number one donut in Japan. Is it true? I also have no idea :p

After seeing all of the donuts variants, we decided to try Angel French and Pink Fashion donuts. The donuts' name sound fancy, right? 

Angel French IDR8.000

Angel French is a French Cruller donut is filled with angel cream. The taste is yummy.

Pink Fashion IDR8.000

Pink Fashion is an Old Fashion donut that is quite crunchy. This donut is not bad either.

Although these donuts are a bit sweet for us, but overall the taste are nice.

Iced Cappucino IDR22.000

For the drink, we tried Iced Cappuccino.

Will I go there again? Yes and I will try another variant of donuts.

Name: Mister Donut
Address: Mall Of Indonesia Ground Floor #14-17 Kelapa Gading Jakarta Utara - Indonesia


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