Tuesday 15 July 2014

Pondok Arela Indah

Today I will show you about a nice place that only open during night time and serves tasty food with affordable price in Jakarta named Pondok Arela Indah.

You will not get a comfort and cozy environment in this place. Otherwise, you will not found aircon and if you lucky, you will get bite from mosquito :p But don't worry, once you try the foods, you will be falling in love and don't care anymore about the environment. You will come again for the second times. Even this place offers more delicious foods than some restaurants in big mall.

Over there, we tried Nasi Uduk with Pecel Lele and Ayam Goreng.

Nasi Uduk is made from rice soaked in coconut milk, with clove, cassia bark and lemongrass (to make it fragrant). Although it's sound like Singapore's nasi lemak, but this Nasi Uduk is more delicious than nasi lemak.

Pecel Lele is a fried catfish that served with sambal pecel and vegetables. Ayam Goreng (fried chicken) in this place also served with sambal pecel and vegetables.

Both Pecel Lele and Ayam Goreng are crunchy are delicious. Sambal Pecel makes the taste perfect.

Other than nice Pecel Lele and Ayam Goreng, I also found a special food that you will don't want to miss it. It is fried Cabbage. They fried the big cabbage using oil. It's really delicious.

Will I go there again? Yes.

Pecel Lele
Ayam Goreng

Pondok Arela Indah

Name: Pondok Arela Indah
Address: Jakarta Indonesia


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