Thursday 14 April 2016

Monster Curry

Calling out for a curry fans in Singapore. Have you ever try Monster Curry before?

If haven't, perhaps this article will make you crave to try curry at Monster Curry restaurant.

There are two things that make Monster Curry quite special compare with other normal curry restaurant. First is the portion that is very big like a monster size portion (plate size of 34cm in diameter). Second is that they offer 5 different types of spicy level: 0 Flame (without chilli), 1 Flame (Normal Hot), 2 Flame (Extra Hot), 3 Flame (Very Hot), 4 Flame (Super Hot), and 5 Flame (Monster Hot).

I try Cheese Chicken Katsu Curry with 1 Flame. As I cannot stand spicy food too much, I feel that 1 Level is spicy enough.  If you realized in the curry picture has heart shape in the middle of the curry, that's a chili.

The Chicken is crunchy and tender. The curry taste is very delicious. It's so tasty that I can eat the rice with curry alone :)

The portion is very big so it can be share for 2 people.

Cheese Chicken Katsu Curry S$14.00

For the drink, I try Japanese Yoghurt drink ($2.80). This yoghurt drink is very nice and have a sweet taste. It will reduce the spiciness that you feel inside your mouth.

Overall I am happy eating curry at this place.

Want to challenge yourself? You should try their 5 Flame. Maybe you can have a fire breath like a dragon :p

Please take note that this restaurant is very crowded, so you may foresee a long queue. You may see below picture to see how long the queue.

Will I go there again? Yes.

Name: Monster Curry
Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk Vivo City #02-126
Nearest MRT: Harbourfront MRT
Opening Hours
Daily: 11:00AM - 09:30PM


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