Sunday 15 July 2012


Suki-Ya is one of new restaurant opened at Tampines Mall recently. This Japanese restaurant offers ala-carte or buffet menu as option.

We tried the buffet over here to answer the curiosity from one of my blog reader "Anihe".

Although their foods varieties are lesser than normal buffet at other restaurant, their foods are fresh and it never out of stock (based on my experience when I visited this restaurant).

For the meat, they only have 1 type of chicken, beef and pork. They also have four different type of soups, which are: Sukiyaki, Shabu Shabu, Tonyu Miso and Kimuchi.

For the side dishes, they have udon, ice cream, many varieties of vegetable, mushrooms and balls as well.

You must try the chicken cheese ball. It's very nice.

Overall, I quite satisfied had my dinner over there. If you don't mind with their less variety of foods, you may consider try to eat over there.





Romaine Lettuce

Garland Chrysanthemum (Tang oh)

Shitake Mushroom

Oyster Mushroom

Shitake Ball

Vegetable Balls

Lobster Balls

Chicken Cheese Balls

Sweet Corns

Seafood Tofu


Suki-Ya Interior

Name: Suki-Ya
Address: 4 Tampines Central 5 (Tampines Mall #B1-02)
Nearest MRT: Tampines MRT

Eat All You Can
Monday - Thursday: Lunch @ S$15.90++, Dinner @ S$19.90++
Friday, Eve of and Public Holidays: Add S$2 to usual price.
Children (4-9 years old): minus 25% off Adult Price


  1. itu semuanya all you can eat?? i wanna go to sg next week, so i think i'll give a try for this one! :D

  2. Yang di photo itu semuanya all you can eat, Tapi Suki-Ya ada 2 macam menu, ala carte dan buffet. Enjoy ya jalan-jalan di Sing :)

  3. there is sushi and other cooked foods there?

  4. Hi Ngin Lena,

    There is no sushi in ala carte menu.only have in buffet.they have a few option of cooked foods in ala carte menu.

  5. Yup was asking about buffet, but really thank you for your reply! I'm going there in a while :D


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