Thursday 17 January 2013

Indonesia's Old Kue (Part 1)

Hello All!! Today’s post is AGAIN about foods from Jakarta. But I promise, the next post will be a review about foods in Singapore. Pinky Promise!!

I am so happy that “Finally” I managed to compile a series of old type kue that can be found Jakarta. Some of the kue were my favourite snack during my childhood.

PS: Kue = Snack / Dessert

Nowadays, it's quite hard to find some of these kue as they are very rare. I’m worried that soon all these kue will be disappear (ok, I’m Kiasu).

That’s why I take the initiative to find and post in on my blow before it’s too late.

My aim is to compile as much kue I could find whenever I go back to Jakarta.

So near in the future, you may see another post which contains another old type Kue from Jakarta, Indonesia.

So let me introduce to you to some of the Jakarta Indonesia’ Kue.

Roti Gambang (Gambang Bread)
 is an old bread type since Netherlands colony at Jakarta.
Roti Buaya (Crocodile Bread)
is “Betawi” bread in crocodile shape. Roti buaya always present in Traditional Betawi Wedding ceremony. This is the mini size of Roti Buaya.

Roti Kura-kura (Tortoise Bread)

is a traditional fried food from West Java. Combro made from cassava and oncom.

Nopia Coklat (Chocolate Nopia)
is a cake from Banyuwangi

 is a caramel sticky rice cake
Kue Pancong
is made from rice and wheat flour, grated coconut, salt that have been mixed and baked in a cake mould. Normally, we eat Kue pancong with sugar.

Ongol - ongol
is a traditional cake from Indonesia

is a Javanese dish that made from Cassava
is a cake that made from coconut milk and palm sugar. The shape is like ice cream corn

Kue Talam
is a steam cake with coconut milk

is a dish from South Sulawesi which made from rice

is an Indonesian pancake made from rice flour with Durian sauce

Putu Mayang
is made from rice flour with brown sugar sauce



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