Friday 22 June 2012

RedDot BrewHouse

Do you want to try to drink a “healthier” beer? Come and try the Monster Green at RedDot BrewHouse.

From the name it sounds interesting, right?

Hehehe, yup, it was my first sense when I heard about it.

Me and my colleagues went to the RedDot BrewHouse at Boat Quay and tried their Monster Green and Weizen.

A short explanation about those drinks:
Monster Green
Green Spirulina infused lager beer with health benefit, low hop. Note: Preliminary studies have shown that spirulina is able to inhibit viral speciation in vitro, strengthen the immune system and may cause regression & elimination of AIDS virus.

Golden colour hazy wheat beer, fruity and spicy.

Weizen taste is sweeter than Monster Green. From my guess (which is not 100% guarantee correct), the sweet taste comes from banana =)

Over there, we also ordered the Meat Lover’s Pizza. This pizza consists of Italian sausage, pepperoni, olives & Cherry vine tomatoes. The topping's is very nice & cheesy, but the bread is a bit hard.

Overall, we enjoyed hang out over there

Meat Lover's Pizza S$18

Monster Green
1 Jug @ S$25 (order before 8:00PM)

1 Jug @ S$25 (order before 8:00PM)

RedDot BrewHouse

Name: Red Dot Brew House
Address: RedDot BrewHouse @ Boat Quay 33/34 Boat Quay
Nearest MRT: Raffles Place MRT

Opening Hours
- Lunch: 12:00PM to 2:30PM
- Dinner: 6:00PM to 10:30PM

Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holiday:
- Lunch: 12:00PM to 2:30PM
- Dinner: 6:00PM to 11:00PM

Sunday: Closed


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