Thursday 22 August 2013


I love Taiyaki....Ups, actually I JUST love everything with Custard (Since Taiyaki gives quite a lot portion of custard fillings, I officially become their fans).

Short introduction about Taiyaki
Taiyaki is a Japanese fish shaped cake. It's similar like pancake. Normally, Taiyaki fillings is either red bean paste, custard, chocolate or cheese. I don't have any idea behind this fish shape, but if see from the name, 'tai' is the kanji name for ocean bream.

Nowadays, a lot of Taiyaki seller makes improvement on the fillings to attract more customers. They create their own innovation like banana & chocolate fillings, sausages and even durian fillings.

I tried Banana & Chocolate Taiyaki and Custard Taiyaki. Both are very nice.

Banana & Chocolate Taiyaki, Custard Taiyaki

Banana & Chocolate Taiyaki

Custard Taiyaki

Name: Gindaco
Address: #B4-62/63, ION Orchard
Nearest MRT: Orchard MRT


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