Tuesday 21 January 2014

Flood in Kelapa Gading (My House Area)

Last weekend (which was from 18 - 19 January 2014), all the people in Jakarta were 'busy' handling the flood problem.

Most of the areas in Indonesia’s capital were terribly affected by the flood incident (my area was one the affected are).

During those two days, we were not able to step up from our house. The water level was quite high (estimate to not less than 35cm). Some of our neighbours were decided to escape’ to their relatives house or hotel to stay.  Since they can’t depend with their car, they hire or rent rubber boat or delman (heavy four-wheeled vehicle pulled by a horse) as their transport.


For us, we were just really lucky that the water didn’t go into the house. One problem solved!

But, hey, we still have another problem. We don’t have enough stock for foods!! OMG!!! As you all know, my mother needs to eat more fresh vegetables and white eggs.  Alamak!!!!!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Tada!!! Fortunately, there was one brave vegetable seller who ‘still’ wants to come and sell the fresh vegetables and eggs to my area. Can you imagine how tough he needs to walk from house-to-house to sell his stuffs?!?!?! Without hesitation, all the aunties I bought a vegetables and eggs for one week stock. Thank you so much, Mr Vegetable seller!!  You are our hero!!  

Other than the brave vegetable seller, there was also one Siew Mai seller who came to our area.

When I looked into his Siew Mai pot, I knew that many peoples were bought his Siew Mai earlier. Luckily, I still managed to buy two portions.

Salute to those two sellers who were willing to go out to sell the foods even there were floods anywhere!

Currently, our place is safe. And now, even though the rain is still pouring, I truly hope that there will be no more floods. And Ï hope that everyone in Jakarta are safe.


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