Monday 26 March 2012

Warung M. Nasir

After long time searching the real taste of Indonesian foods in Singapore, finally I found one. The restaurant name is Warung M. Nasir.

Warung M. Nasir sells Padang foods like Sayur Lodeh, Beef Rendang, Fish Curry, Sambal Goreng, Bakwan Sayur, Fried Chicken and many more.

1 portion of Nasi Padang will cost you around S$7.00. The price will be depending on how many dishes that you ordered. The portion is quite big. They give a generous portion of the steam rice as well.

Eating Nasi Padang will not be complete without Kerupuk (crackers). So don't forget to order that also :)

FYI, in Indonesia, we call Padang foods is Nasi Padang. The typical of Padang foods are spicy. So, most of the foods at Warung M. Nasir are spicy. If you can't eat spicy foods, better don't ask for any gravy. This kind of gravy makes the foods even spicier.

Warung M.Nasir decoration

Name: Warung M. Nasir
Address: 69 Killiney Road
Opening Hours: 11.30AM - 9.30PM (Daily)
Nearest MRT: Somerset MRT 


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