Friday 7 September 2012

南洋小厨 (Nan Yang Xiao Chu)

China Town area is one of the best locations in Singapore to hunt for foods!! Over there, you might find a lot of varieties of foods!

For today’s post, I want to share with you one nice special dish which comes from China. It called 麻辣香锅 (Ma La Xiang Guo). It is a dish which mixes some vegetables, meat and mala spice, all blends together.

To order this dish, you will need to choose the vegetable and meat. They provide quite a lot different types of vegetables (such as: enoki mushroom, black fungus, toufu, cabbage, broccoli, green vegetable) and meats (such as: pork belly, pork, chicken, beef, ham).

There is no fixed price for this dish, there is no minimum or maximum of the total of vegetables/meats that you need to choose, over there all is what you’ll choose is what you’ll pay! 

After you choose your vegetables and meats, they will cook it with their special ingredient (such as mala spice and many more).

For me, I choose two types of meats (pork belly and beef) and two types of vegetables (enoki mushroom, black fungus) and one bowl of rice. I also had one special request which “skip” the mala spice.

Oh ya, over there, you must speak mandarin to order. Lucky me, I went with my colleague, so she could help me to make that special request.

Overall, the dish taste (without the mala spice) is very nice. It special and tasty! I am loving it.

麻辣香锅 (Ma la Xiang Guo) $5.30

南洋小厨 (Nan Yang Xiao Chu)

Name: 南洋小厨 (Nan Yang Xiao Chu)
Address: People's Park Food Center #01 - 1064
Nearest MRT: China Town MRT


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