Monday 22 July 2013


Today I want to share with you my Schneeballen finding when I went to Takashimaya Food Fair 2013 last week.

Schneeballen is a traditional snack that can be found in nearly all the streets of Rothenburg. This snack made from pieces of long pastry dough, rolled up into a ball and deep fried in fresh oil. Usually, they eat Schneeballen during festivals or special occasions.

I bought Snowy Strawberry. Anyway, they have 14 Schneeballen variants, such as:
- Snow. It is a mild taste like melting snow of the Alps
- Cheese. Softness of fresh cheese
- White Chocolate. It is a delicate milky treat
- Snowy Green Tea. Has richness of tropical coconut with vibrant flavour of green tea
- White Crunch. Mild white chocolate with nutty crunch
- Cinnamon. Has sugary sweet taste of spicy autumn
- Strawberry. It is a refreshingly sweet as it is tangy
- Snowy Strawberry. This is delicate combination of rich coconut with sweet tangy strawberry.
- Chocolate.
- Snowy Chocolate. It is ensemble of deep, strong chocolate and soft coconut
- Garlic. It has mild garlic flavour in a bite
- Snowy Banana. It is a casual blend of two tropical fruits
- Chocolate Crunch. It is a rich chocolate with nutty crunch
- Pink Chocolate.  

How to eat Schneeballen?
1. Put one Schneeballen inside a paper bag
2. Break it into smaller pieces inside the paper bag with a wooden hammer / hard objects.
3. Do not let the wodden hammer hit Schneeballen directly
4. Do not break too much till it becomes crumbs
5. Enjoy Schneeballen with your favourite beverage

Basically Schneeballen is nice, but it's too heaty and sweet for me.

Schneeballen Snowy Chocolate S$6.90

Break Schneeballen session



  1. Thank you for sharing this, Danny!

    We're excited to announce that we have 4 new flavours, and we'll be back in Takashimaya really soon.

    Check out our Facebook page for more updates!

  2. Thanks for visiting this page.

    Sure, I will check it.


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