Wednesday 4 September 2013

Kembang Tahu

Who love bean curd? If you are one of them, don't be drooling seeing this post.

Jakarta has a lot of nice old-school foods to try. One of them is Kembang Tahu a.k.a Bean curd.

Not like Singapore, that mostly sell foods in hawker centre, a lot of foods seller in Jakarta - Indonesia required them to go from one place to other to find the customer.  They either walking and pushing /pulling their carts, riding a bicycle, motorcycle, driving a car or even carrying the cart with their own hand and body.

It's such a tough job indeed. One thing that make these seller unique is that every seller have their special characteristic of sound. I can easily know which food seller that coming after heard the sound.

One of the food seller that I mentioned earlier is a Kembang Tahu seller. Normally he will pass by my house in the morning or afternoon. This Kembang Tahu still considered as a traditional one. They put sweet ginger soup and mixed it with the bean curd.

You will feel warm right after you eat this bean curd. It's because they keep maintaining the hot level of ginger soup to make sure the ginger soup will always hot. It's very nice, fresh, fragrant yet healthy.

Kembang Tahu a.k.a. Bean curd

Kembang Tahu seller


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