Friday 8 March 2013

Bong KopiTown

Remarks: On this post, I “AGAIN “want to share another good restaurant in Kelapa Gading!!

Bong KopiTown is the first restaurant in Jakarta with Prison themed as its decoration.

Their unique design makes Bong KopiTown very famous. There is even one Indonesian TV channel review this place.

My friend, Oliv brought me here. A short introduction about Oliv: She is a founder cum editor-in-Chief of Sunday magazine’s article in Jakarta. She is a very good friend of mine and she loves hunting for good/special food as well.

So, every time I go back to Jakarta, we will meet up and hunt for a great place to explore. Earlier of this year, Oliv got a chance to interview Mr Bong Chandra (who is the owner of this restaurant).  

Over there, we ordered Choi Pan, Ote-Ote, Unripe Mango Ice and Milo.

Their version of Choi Pan is very fragrant and tasty. The portion is big too.

Ote-Ote is a snack, which is a bit similar with pangsit goreng (fried wonton).The texture is crispy and it’s not oily. 

Unripe Mango Ice is one of the recommended beverages over there. For me personally, the taste is very sour. If you don’t like sour, maybe you can request for an addition of sugar on it :P

Their Milo is similar with Singapore style of Milo.

At first, I thought this restaurant is famous only because of their unique themed and decoration. But, after I tried their foods, I would say that this restaurant is famous because of both factor (the decoration and the food as well).

I believed most of you have been wondering, why we only order a few dishes over there… If you want to know the answer, be sure to visit my blog tomorrow for the next article :)

Thanks for visiting and hope you have a great weekend!!

Choi Pan IDR10.000 

Ote-Ote IDR10.000


Unripe Mango Ice IDR17.000

Bong KopiTown Interior


Waitress wear prison uniform

Name: Bong KopiTown
Address: Jln. Boulevard Utara blok PD 1 No 5-6, Kelapa Gading - Indonesia
Opening Hours
Daily: 8:00AM -12:00PM


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