Thursday 5 December 2013

Martabak Manis Bangka

If you are staying at Kelapa Gading area for  more than 20 years, I believed you know this Martabak Bangka seller who is selling sweet Martabak in front of SD Tunas Gading nearby Sumagung - Kelapa Gading. He is selling martabak from 4:00PM until 11:00PM almost every day. 

This old uncle who is selling martabak since I was secondary school and I keep buying martabak from him until I am working in Singapore.

To be honest, this martabak is not as delicious as before (but still acceptable for me) because of the price rising of the good ingredients.  Even though the ingredient price keep increasing, he cannot increase the martabak price too high. I believed if he use better ingredients, his martabak can stand up against the famous one.

Although this martabak cannot compete with the famous brand one, I still want to show this martabak in my blog as my first martabak post. I also like to buy from this place not because the price is cheaper than other martabak seller, but because this martabak is a part of my childhood good memories.

Btw, He is selling three different types of martabak topping flavours, such as Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut and Cheese. He also has two different types of margarine: the normal one and the special margarine named Wisman that have a creamier taste.

I order half Chocolate and half Cheese topping with Wisman margarine.

The martabak taste is delicious. I like cheese more than the chocolate topping.

Martabak Manis toppings and Margarines
Below are some pictures for the making of Martabak Manis Bangka.




Martabak Manis Chocolate and Cheese with Wisman Margarine IDR30.000



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