Tuesday 14 June 2016

Seafood City Bandar Djakarta

Looking for a new experience having lunch / dinner outdoor while seeing sea and scenery? You may try to visit Seafood City Bandar Djakarta.

This restaurant is build on the top of the water. It's cool, right?

You may expect a lot of varieties of seafood cuisines in this restaurant. The most important thing is that they serve fresh seafood.

We try Ikan Bawal Bintang Hidup Bakar Pandan Wangi, Cumi Sero Goreng Tepung, Kangkung Terasi, Tahu Isi Udang, Puding Alpukat and Kelapa Batok Murni.

Ikan Bawal Bintang Hidup Bakar Pandan Wangi is a grilled Bawal Bintang fish wrapped inside Pandan leaf and wrapped again with aluminum foil. They also marinated the fish with spicy ingredient. This grilled fish is delicious and a bit spicy.

Ikan Bawal Bintang Hidup Bakar Pandan Wangi IDR195.570

Cumi Sero goreng tepung a.k.a fried calamari is crunchy and not hard to chew. I believed that children will like this dish.

Cumi Sero Goreng Tepung IDR47.800

Kangkung Terasi is also delicious. This vegetable dish will increase your appetite. It's a good combination to eat with rice and fish.  I like it so much.

Kangkung Terasi IDR17.800

They also serve five different types of chilli for you to try to eat with the dishes.

Tahu isi udang is one of the appetizer dish that they have. It's a fried tofu that have Prawn, potato and carrot filling. They give a lot of filling inside the tofu and the taste is very nice.

Tahu Isi Udang IDR26.800

If you're craving for dessert, you shall try Puding Alpukat. Puding alpukat is an avocado pudding. It's a nice dessert.

Puding Alpukat IDR20.800

For the drink, you should order Kelapa Batok Murni. It's good to drink coconut water after you eat seafood. 

Kelapa Batok Murni IDR15.000

Overall, its a nice experience having lunch there.

Will I go there again? Yes.

Seafood City Bandar Djakarta Interior

Name: Seafood City Bandar Djakarta
Address: Baywalk Mall, Ground Floor #21 Jl. Pluit Karang Ayu B1 Utara Muara Karang, Pluit, Jakarta Utara Indonesia

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 11.00AM – 22.30PM
Saturday - Sunday: 10.00AM – 23.30PM


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