Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Fiesta Steak

Do you want to know what is my most favorite steak so far? It's a Chicken Steak from Fiesta Steak.

Maybe some of you are wondering...Really?? I proudly say yes. Even though I try other steaks (Chicken Steak and Beef Steak) that's so called "use import meat, contains high quality of meat, more delicious", I still feel that my most favorite steak is this chicken steak.

I like this Chicken Steak so much. The chicken is tender and crispy. The sauce is also nice. But, is this the only reason to make this steak to become the most favorite? The taste is delicious indeed, but I have a reason why this steak is so special for me.

During my childhood, my mom brought me (one or two times) to eat this chicken steak. Last time, it's very seldom for us to eat at restaurant. So eating this steak brings me a joyful feeling. In that time, I also order rice to eat with this steak. So I can feel full for a longer time :)

It's become a habit for me that every time I eat this steak, I always order rice. Rice and this chicken steak are the best combination. Weird right? My girlfriend also says so :p

Until now, the taste is still the same. Salute for their management to keep maintaining the food quality and their affordable price.

Anyway, until now, Fiesta Steak is still survived. It means that many people like that restaurant, right? :)

Will I go there again? Yes.

Chicken Steak
Name: Fiesta Steak
Address: Kelapa Gading III Mall #3 Unit No: FCI-07 Jakarta Utara - Indonesia


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